Whether you have had a complaint for 1 day or 10 years, and you want to know what the cause is and possible solutions, then a free consultation might be just what the doctor ordered.

Find out if that nagging problem can be resolved with chiropractic care.


Sometimes you just want to take the edge off of a complaint that is bugging you and you think just a couple treatments should do the trick. With pay-as-you-go you are going to get a full body check up to be sure that you are subluxation free. You decide how often you would like to be seen. You may be eligible for incentives so watch this site.


If you take good care of yourself, have no complaints and want to be sure that you are aligned on a regular basis, this plan is for you.

Every month you will get a comprehensive checkup of your spine and extremities to be certain that all your joints are functioning properly. 12 office visits per year.


Discovery is Free to new patients and consists of a 30 minute consultation with the doctor.

Pay-As-You-Go makes sense for the occasional spine tune-up. -$50

Wellness meets the need of the individual who wants a monthly regular visit. -$40