Doctor Cooper was prompt, knowledgeable, very thorough in the initial interview, exam and adjustment. Answered all my questions and staff was professional as well.

Paul Z. – Google Review

I found Thrive Chiropractic to be in a great building, with great parking availability, and run by a great chiropractor. I will definitely be coming back!

Sandy L. – Google Review

Great new clinic and location. Dr Cooper is a long time practitioner and brings a refreshing perspective to healthcare.

Paul S. – Google Review

My first chiropractor and absolutely loved it. Dr. Cooper and his staff are very polite, very friendly and yet very professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Daniel – Google Review

I highly recommend Thrive Chiropractic. Dr. Cooper is knowledgeable and passionate about chiropractic care. I appreciated his thoroughness and transparency in explaining his approach and answering my questions. He provides a great deal for new patients!

Jenny S. – Google Review

This was my first chiropractic experience and I am beyond happy with the results. I have experienced neck and upper back pain for many years, I’ve tried physical therapy and cranial sacral which seemed to be a band aid my symptoms without addressing the underlying issues. After just a few sessions my pain has decreased by more than half. The assessment and planning process were also very thorough. Highly recommend making an appointment!

Monika N. – Google Review

I was very pleased with my first appointment at Thrive Chiropractic… The hours of service and location are convenient for my needs and the adjustment was not only thorough but relaxing. I am definitely going back!

Shannon P. – Google Review

They’re great! The initial consultation and exam was very thorough and the adjustment following made a big difference. Highly recommend!

Caroline L. – Google Review

My first visit with Dr. Cooper was exceptional! Extremely welcoming, informative and best of all, catered to my specific pain in order to achieve both immediate and lasting results. I’ll be back!

Claire L. – Google Review

Dr. Cooper is a Doctor of extraordinary quality. You would do well to use his services.

Dennis – Google Review

Explained everything extremely well. First time using a chiropractor and I am in less pain than I’ve been in for a year.

Kathy Z. – Google Review

I had a very serious neck and spinal surgery a year ago and have been in tremendous pain for over 8 years now. I have seen 30 plus chiropractors in the last 5 years and no one has been able to make my pain disappear like Dr. Cooper has been able to do so. Best chiropractor I have EVER met! I highly, highly and highly recommend Dr. Cooper, he is seriously a wizard at his craft!

Scott F. – Google Review

This place tho! Dr. Cooper is very knowledgeable. He doesn’t just talk to you but teaches you about your body. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better. It had been about 10 years since my last adjustment. I went to see Dr. Cooper and he had me feeling like a million bucks. For the first time in months i was able to do my hair and makeup without losing feeling in my hand and arms, I could turn my head all the way to one side, and oh did I mention I didn’t have a headache or wake up tired or in pain! I will definitely continue going to Thrive!

Stephanie B. – Google Review

Explained everything extremely well. First time using a chiropractor and I am in less pain than I’ve been in for a year.

Kathy Z. – Google Review

Great adjustment, wonderful experience, and amazing knowledge! Feeling like my body is finally moving towards the direction of flexibility and flow. Thank you Dr. Cooper.

Lora R. – Google Review

My first chiropractic experience. Dr. Cooper was very forthcoming with all of my questions, and I really appreciated the comprehensive exam and doctor/patient dialog. The adjustment procedure was awesome and I felt immediate results in my posture and general back health. Will definitely be going back again.

– Jeremiah

I was super happy with my visit to thrive! Dr. Cooper is very experienced and full of knowledge. Came in here barely able to walk due to a lower back injury, 30 minutes later I was walking normal and painless. I recommend Thrive to anyone in Madison 100%.

– Adam A.

Wonderful experience!! Clean professional facility, incredible results! Dr. Cooper is amazing!

– James L.

I had a wonderful experience at Thrive. Dr. Cooper is extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. I was having lower back and pain and after two visits, it has totally been resolved. He made me feel well taken care of and that my health is important! He also gave me tips to prevent going into another misalignment. Definitely 5 stars!!

Fiona B. – Google Review

Great experience at Thrive! Dr. Cooper fixed my alignment and shoulder problem in no time. Great location with plenty of parking downtown.

Chris T. – Google Review

I have been to many chiropractors over the last 20 years and Dr. Cooper is top rate! I moved from the state of Oregon a year ago and had a great Chiropractor there and was so worried about being able to find one just as good. Thankfully I found Dr. Cooper and he has been wonderful!!!

Kayde J. – Google Review

Quality chiropractic care with lots of options to lower cost. Which is worth it anyway because you walk out feeling stronger and better. Glad to have such a convenient way to work on health! It’s nice being treated like a human and not just another list of symptoms to get through. Can’t recommend enough!

Kristin R. – Google Review

After a few visits here I feel like I’m on the path to healing! Dr.Cooper has focused on addressing the root of my problems, not just treating symptoms.

Ella N. – Google Review

This was my first visit to a chiropractor and Dr. Cooper was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After experiencing back pain for weeks, I left feeling significantly better. I cannot wait to come back! Highly recommend THRIVE!

Rebecca H. – Google Review

Just had my 2nd adjustment from Dr. Cooper and I am feeling Great! Great service, quality care and excellent prices. I am totally satisfied !

Rick C. – Google Review

Dr. Cooper is the best, super down to earth and explains everything he does. Would highly recommend.

Brennan S. – Google Review

Great service and knowledge. There was a through explanation of the process before during and after. I felt better immediately!

Adria W. – Google Review

Muy buen doctor me ayudo desde la primera visita iso todo lo posible para acerté entender lo recomiendo con mucho quedaran muy contentos con el gran profesional

Miguel C. – Google Review

Today I experienced my second adjustment with Dr. Cooper.
I am new to Madison and conducted extensive research of the Chiropractors in this area. Dr. Cooper and my research were more than validated by my wonderful relief of the chronic back pain that has been burdening me as a Registered nurse for a long time.

The first adjustment decreased my pain level from severe to mild.

Dr. Cooper is focused on establishing good rapport with his patient’s and is most sensible to concerns.

He treated me as a whole and showed genuine interest in my well being and recovery.

I shared that I was moving my neck in certain ways and that these movements would remove my pain for a few moments.
Dr. Cooper educated me and informed me that these movements were worsening my condition. Hence, he suggested neck movements modifications to replace the habitual movements I was performing as a natural response to my pain. These alternative movements could be performed whenever I have the urge to move my neck in those ineffective ways out of force of habit.
My pain is level is currently a zero and I could not be happier you guys!!!!

I am also very thankful Dr. Cooper took the time to review body mechanics and suggested better ways of carrying all of the things many of us nurses need to bring with us to our sometimes long shifts at our respectable hospitals.

I give my highest recommendations for Dr. Cooper in addition to being an extraordinary chiropractor he explains everything without hesitation and has a fabulous sense of humor and a very pleasant personality!!!!

Mariela R. – Yelp Review

I have been visiting Thrive for a few weeks now and can’t believe how much improvement I have seen in my lower back. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cooper to my family and friends.

Rebecca H. – Yelp Review

My visits here have been super effective. He’s been able to address the hip problem I came in for and more. I feel better with each treatment, and confident that we’re getting to the root of my issues. Joel is very reasonable with pricing and friendly to visit.

Ella N. – Yelp Review