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Statin deficiency will help you live longer.

LDL or low density lipoprotein is one of 2 types of cholesterol that the medical field has labeled 'BAD' cholesterol. The other type of cholesterol is HDL aka high density lipoprotein.

Read these next sentences very carefully.

LDL cholesterol is essential to normal body function. LDL cholesterol is essential to every cellular wall structure in your body. LDL cholesterol is essential to help us create vitamin D from sunlight. LDL cholesterol is essential in hormone mediation throughout your entire life. Although your brain is only 2% of your body weight - 20% of your brain is cholesterol. Do you need your brain?

Plaque in your arteries is made of many substances to include both types of cholesterol, calcium, fat cellular waste and other things - not just LDL cholesterol.

So why does LDL get such a bad rap?

Because it is measurable and manipulatable. In short, it can make BIG Pharma lots of money.

What happens when you go to see your PCP? They take blood. What happens when they see an elevated LDL level? They put you on a statin. So how much of America is now on a statin? According to the CDC 28% of America takes a statin to lower their 'bad' cholesterol. What is the leading cause of death in America today? Cardiovascular disease. If 28% of America is on a cholesterol lowering drug to combat cardiovascular disease, then why is cardiovascular disease still the number 1 killer of Americans today??? The answer to that question is easy. Cholesterol of any kind has nothing to do with cardiovascular disease in America.

If I asked you if you could pay lots of money to take a pill that is guaranteed to lower levels of something your body needs to function normally, that has no evidence that it will help you, is suspected of causing premature memory loss, has negative side effects with about 20% of patients and it could eventually kill you; how many would take it?

Conversely, if I asked you if you could take a pill, that made no pharmaceutical exec rich, contained components that are essential to normal body function, has minor to no side effects and taking it has been proven by thousands of double blind peer reviewed studies around the world to decrease pain and cardiovascular disease, increase joint health, increase eye health, nourishes your skin, promotes brain health and neuroplasticity and reduces symptoms of ADHD; how many would want it?

The Answer

Omega3 fatty acids (fish oil) with a 3:2 ratio of EPA to DHA at 2000mg/day is a far better choice than statins when it comes to taking a pill to promote cardiovascular health. Thrive Chiropractic in Madison Wisconsin is the best choice if you have a neuromusculoskeletal complaint.



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