Thrive Chiropractic in Madison, Wisconsin specializes in relief of back pain, headaches, knee pain, and sciatic nerve pain.

About Thrive Chiropractic

After more than 20 years of practice, it all boils down to a vast amount of experience with a plethora of patient complaints.

At Thrive Chiropractic we use your bodies own mechanisms to help you heal yourself and have the best possible healthcare experience. By precisely finding and aligning the offending segment,  the patient heals faster and responds at their optimal rate. Every patient is different, so it takes an experienced doctor to guide the willing patient along the path to excellent health and well-being.


We accept HSA and Fee-For-Service payments in all forms. 

At this time we are not setup to file insurance. This includes HMO's, PPO's, Medicare, Medical Assistance and CHAMPUS. Because of these limitations, we provide superior service at a lower cost.

We gladly accept all forms of payment for services and will provide proper paperwork for insurance reimbursement directly to the patient.



Madison, Wisconsin

Tel: (608)571-5197


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm 

​​Saturday: Closed ​

Sunday: Closed

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thrive chiropractic